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Queendom started out in1999 as an all-black, all-female artist collective.


Over the next decade, the  African-Norwegian performing artists produced  several politically charged comedy shows, creating public debate around issues of race and gender in Norway.

Their break-through performance"Integrert som faen" (integrated as hell, 2005) recieved rave reviews from Norwegian media. It also earned them the Oslo City Artist Award for 2007.  


In 2008, they launched the satirical book "Oppdrag Norge" (mission Norway), and in 2013, they celebrated the 100-year anniversary of women's suffrage in Norway by launching a musical story-telling show called "Ja, vi elsker", named after the Norwegian national anthem. 

Their first studio album "Still rising" (2012) was a groovy mix of  pop, soul, reggae and afrobeat. They have collaborated with artists such as the South African guitarist Louis Mhlanga, fierce female bass player Manou Gallo (Cote d'Ivoire/Belgium), and master percussionist Sidiki Camara from Mali.


 Queendom´s new album MamaLove (2019) celebrates Africana music, art and womanhood.

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