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"Afropean Journey" is a concert production aimed at families with children from 6 - 13 years old.  It is based on Queendom's original music - a blend of African traditional and urban styles, mixed with pop, soul and reggae. The songs are fused together by storytelling and interaction wth the kids. 


Since 2015, this concert has been performed around Norway, at Molde Jazz Festival, Sortland Jazzfesival and for thousands of school children around the country through Concerts Norway. The concert takes 45 minutes and makes use of  lights, and video projection. 

Queendom  consists  of Monica og Asta, whose African names - Busingye and Ifejilika - have their own history - and musical sound.

Our music is alot of things at the same time. - just like us!  We call it AFROPEAN because it is inspired by our African- European roots. 


Together with our band, we invite the children into Queendoms musical universe - a world where some things go slow, others fast, some are sad, some happy, and some things Norwegian, some African. 

This children's concert is groovy, playful and fun, but also gives the children room to reflect and have an emotional experience. 


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